After this fire was extinguished this burnt home sold for 78 Billion Dollars.

I’m writing to you from a beautifully grey and rainy, Grimsby, Ontario. I’m thinking about a couple things — shipping containers are fucking expensive, seriously pricing went from $2'000 to as high as $50'000. Costco is actually spinning off a shipping company to avoid this fuckery and keep low prices. COVID has literally fucked the economy and we are about to feel the girth of it’s massive dick.

Secondly, governments around the world have printed so much fucking money that this shit is on the brink of being worth fuck all (not really but also not not really). You probably are about to click off this article — or scroll by to the next half naked person you see on IG. It’s fine you don’t get the economy and frankly you don’t care. You go to work — you go to the Raptors game — and you just pre-ordered some fucking music festival tickets — you go girl/guy — fuck the economy, pretty sure the government will take care of us if shit goes south … right? Right!?

Well — if you made it this far — I’m hear to tell you that we might actually be in for a real big fuckery. SO you need to start doing a couple of things

1.) SAVE — Save your fucking money, this is step one. Inflation is going through the fucking ceiling so your savings are going to get absolutely killed BUT you have to have some money to do number 2

2.) INVEST — Gold, crypto, stocks, SOMETHING. Inflation is going fucking HAM so you need something that is going to out pace the devaluation of our currency. Educate yourself.

This is definitely NOT financial advice so please don’t get your shit all twisted, I’m not Warren fucking Buffet. I’m simply suggesting that instead of burying your head in the sand (Squid Games) maybe wake the fuck up and figure out where your money is going. There is a reason why NO ONE CAN AFFORD A HOUSE.

So for fuck sakes please God do something, I don’t want you to live in a 7 million dollar box.



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