“I’m tryna push you to supreme being. You don’t wanna motherfuckin… You don’t wanna embrace your destiny, you wanna get by. You don’t wanna go into the motherfuckin dark where it’s lonely. You can’t handle the motherfuckin the pain of the motherfuckin not knowin when the shit is gonna stop.” — Puff Daddy

This rant appears at the beginning of Nobody by Rick Ross. It’s hilariously aggressive. A true classic.

Now with the wise words of puffy still bouncing around your head I ask — why are you so tired? I get it. You slept like shit. You had to piss like a race horse at 4AM. You were up way too late binge watching some bullshit. These are all valid … but nobody fucking cares.

NO ONE CARES. Your girlfriend doesn’t care, your customers don’t care, your boss doesn’t care, your teammates don’t care and your fuckin goals don’t care. Jesus fuck if I only took action and got shit done when I felt supremely rested I would work maybe one day a fucking month.

Sleep is important as fuck — I’m not telling you to stay up 24/7 and work until you actually die (you will eventually die without sleep … I think). I’m saying stop saying you’re fucking tired. No one fucking cares. YOU DON’T EVEN CARE. Just do what you have to do. Get it done.

If you can move the needle on your worst days — the days you’re exhausted, the days you’re hungover, the days your body is fuckin killing you — that’s when you are truly in control of yourself. That’s when you are a supreme being.



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Christopher Battagli

Christopher Battagli

Using Business As My Driver To Personal Growth.