Death Is Beautiful.

Christopher Battagli
2 min readDec 10, 2016

The most beautiful thing about life is death.

My friend was telling me about a nightmare he had. In this twisted dream, his entire family was killed. He woke up and told them all that he loved them. He said that the dream helped him realize that, one day, the people that he loved the most would die.

When we believe that something will always happen we take it for granted. The sun rises every day so we barely realize it. We eat everyday so we forget about those that don’t. The people that we love are there each morning so we don’t think about how temporary and delicate life is.

But everything dies; time dies as it passes. Every moment you experience is instantly transported to a place that can only be accessed through your memories. This is the beauty of death.

Ironically, death is the only path to immortality. When moments die, we give these immortality. We do this through our memories. We relive the love, passion and warmth we felt in that particular moment. Like when your grandfather made you laugh as a kid or the way your father used to hold your hand on the swings at the park.

These moments cannot die because they no longer exist. Our minds smooth out the details, creating a perfect memory for us to relive whenever we choose. The small imperfections that actually occurred in the moment don’t make it to your memory bank. Your memory is flawless and gorgeous.

The death of moments creates a perfection that could not exist any other way. Death creates an immortal perfection that only you can have access to. So when we are face to face with our inevitable end, we will have blissful memories of a beautiful life.



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