Lil Wayne will save us.

In life — we can only control one thing. Our inputs. This is a hard fucking reality to truly grasp. Most of us endlessly bitch about how we wish the world fucking was. Yes — you’ve seen them, sharing short sighted bullshit that they themselves haven’t actually read in their Instagram story. If they have read the bullshit they share — they haven’t done anything about it- they just shared that shit to show their other virtue signaling fucking loser friends how good of a person they are.

Let me calm myself down *sips espresso*.

You need to control your own shit first. Before any of us can go out and solve the worlds problems we need to first get our fucking shit in order. Let me make it very clear — if you have money issues — substance issues — self imposed health issues — or if you just fucking can’t make your bed — or get up before 8am — you should probably take a minute to solve your own problems before (pretending) to solve the worlds issues.

This rant comes from a place of love I swear. I like you and I want the best for you. By pretending to solve the worlds problems from your smartphone in your bed you are actually doing more harm than good. You see you are not only metaphorically (or maybe literally as well) jamming your problems under the fucking bed but you are also signaling to others that this is somehow courageous and virtuous. It is neither.

Courage comes from taking real action. Courage begins by looking hard at our own inadequacy and taking real steps to better ourselves. Once we are on that journey we can begin to take on the extraordinarily hard fucking task of making real change in the world around us. But it begins with us. If you cannot change yourself you stand absolutely no chance in changing the world around you. Period.



Helping Young Men Escape The Purpose Void & Thrive.

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