26 At Midnight

Christopher Battagli
3 min readDec 18, 2021

God willing we count 7 figures live on IG for the 27th birthday — until then here are 26 simple truths I’ve learned in my first 26 years. I love you all for your continued support — I pray we see 8 figures at 28.

  1. Social media isn’t real life — don’t compare yourself to someone’s social feed. Cuba vacations are cheap and I frankly don’t give a fuck how many times you’ve been. Show me your tax return.
  2. Look at who is giving advice — what I say might not be for everyone. That’s fine — I’m attempting to live a certain kind of life. Figure out what you want out of life — find someone that’s living like that — shut up and listen.
  3. Beauty is fleeting — it’s easy to get caught up in looks. How we look. How our partner looks. That’s natural. Work to cultivate a beautiful mind and surround yourself with others that have beautiful thoughts. A gorgeous mind will endure far longer than the beautiful body.
  4. Believe in something — I’m not saying you need to dive head over heels into the latest religious fad, but, believe in something bigger than you. It will help to keep you grounded.
  5. Respect tradition — understand that things have been done a certain way for a reason.
  6. Upset tradition — understand that change is constant and that traditions sometimes require modification and re-thinking.
  7. Exercise — something that has been a joyous part of the past 10 years of my life- if you don’t already — start.
  8. Excuses will kill you — I fucking hate myself when I rationalize not doing something I know I should with excuses.
  9. Read — social media is cooking your attention span. Read something — something good.
  10. Don’t drink cheap alcohol — if you can afford to nurse a hangover the next day than you can afford to drink top shelf booze. If you can’t afford top shelf booze than you can’t afford a hangover either.
  11. Love everyone but spend time with winners — I love people. I’m truly an extrovert and I interact with a breadth of people. However, I choose to spend my leisure time with people that bring me up.
  12. Control your language — don’t use extreme language to describe minor inconveniences in your life.
  13. Stop fucking around — hold yourself accountable for your time.
  14. Stop chasing relationships — always look inward. Focus on becoming a better version of yourself, work towards your goals and dreams, good people will be drawn to you.
  15. Soulmates are myths — this idea of one special person for you is complete bullshit. A successful relationship will be predicated on you and the other person working together to build and maintain a happy home.
  16. Everything is my fault — self responsibility is fucking power. It’s all your fucking fault. Fix it.
  17. Drink coffee — coffee is the only legal drug we have that also has almost zero side affects. Enjoy it before they make that shit illegal.
  18. Tell your friends the truth — sometimes tough love is fucking shitty to give and even shittier to receive, but it makes you better.
  19. Sleep well — the quality of your life is literally dependent on you sleeping well. If you constantly sleep like shit figure out why and fix it. Sleep will change your life.
  20. No one cares — sometimes we can get caught up thinking someone is obsessing over a failure or a shortcoming of ours. No one cares that much about you. So don’t worry they aren’t thinking about you — you’re free.
  21. Act — take fucking action.
  22. Love your friends and family — work hard — but always make time to nourish the most important relationships in your life.
  23. People want to help — sometimes you need guidance or direction. People want to help you — have humility and ask.
  24. Winners win — make connections with people that you respect.
  25. You’re closer than you think — sometimes our goals feel so distant but I swear you’re close than you think. Put your head down and get to work — you’ll cover so much ground.
  26. I know nothing — I’m still learning, I’m on a journey.



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